Plumbers Mate

Clean drinking water is universally understood as a must for people all around the world.

Backflow prevention devices stop contaminates including bodily fluids, chemicals, fuel and poisons from entering the water supply.

Traditional backflow prevention devices cause significant pressure and flow reductions which are a problem particularly when you need water for fire services and irrigation systems.

Plumbers Mate revolutionizes backflow prevention devices by introducing a new logic into the way they work.  This new system called‘Perry Logic’ is being designed and built into the backflow prevention device. Most popular sized valves  will be on the market first.

This means that water pressure and flow will not be reduced when installing a Perry Logic valve.  As the valve can be manufactured from plastic, it also takes away the issue of theft for scrap metal value.

Ready to commercialize, Plumbers Mate is seeking potential partners or purchasers and is interested in talking with manufacturers, hydraulic consultants, plumbers and plumbing suppliers.

Founder – Scott Perry

Scott’s insight into a new way of thinking and designing backflow prevention devices comes from many years of considering feedback and questions from plumbers, students, suppliers and hydraulic engineers.  As a plumbing consultant and trainer, Scott is often called into jobs to fix the more complex problems.  He has built and tested prototypes, all honing the model and refining the logic on which the valve works.